Repair Service

Enjoy your favourite dress even longer with our brand-new return and repair service

We know how annoying it is when the hem of your favourite dress comes undone or there's a tear in the lining. Our pieces are made to last but sometimes we have a special fashion piece we want to keep wearing day in and day out. In commitment to being the opposite of fast fashion, we've now launched our non-profit repair scheme which allows us to repair your garment to perfect condition long after first purchase.

Whilst you're still able to use the usual free return and exchange scheme within 28 days of purchase, if you would like to give your favourite item some TLC outside this period-such as months and years after purchase- you can simply drop us an email at and send us a picture of the damage to your item, as well as your name, address, email address, contract number and the details of the item you want to return. 

If we know we can repair it, you'll then be sent a link to cover the postage (£5, which covers both sending and receiving your garment back). We don't charge for repairs and this fee simply covers your postage costs whilst being a much more affordable method than a trip to a seamstress or tailor.

We'll repair it by hand with our in-house seamstress within 21 days and if for some reason we can't repair it, we'll send you a  £20  voucher towards your next Chapter London purchased instead.